How Much Does Scouting Cost?

scouts03Every Scout pays a annual fee of $59 
This includes the following…

  • $36 for Registration
  • $3 for Insurance
  • $20 Pack Dues

*As a special incentive, fees for Kindergarteners & First Graders entering Pack 82 are $39.

Uniform: $85
A complete uniform with badges, neckerchief and hat for a First-time Scout costs about $85. Each boy in Cub Scouting will need a uniform. Each year, he will need a new handbook, cap, and neckerchief; but other uniform parts remain the same for at least the first few years. When a boy enters a Webelos den (4th & 5th grade), he may want to obtain a new khaki uniform. This khaki uniform can then be used in Boy Scouts.

Books: $15
Youth handbooks include the Tiger Handbook, Wolf Handbook, Bear Handbook, and Webelos Handbook. Each Scout needs a handbook.

Registration $59 + Complete Uniform $85 + Handbook $15 = $159*


Boys’ Life magazine: $12
Optional, but strongly recommended, you’ll find it to be an excellent resource. Normally $12 for 12 months.

* The above pricing is a really good guess but this number can fluctuate.